Release Notes

The most important release notes regarding Lodgit Desk are listed below.

[FIXED] Error was fixed.
[CHANGED] An existing feature in the program was changed.
[NEW] A new feature in the program.

Release notes for 1.18.12 (07/02/2018)

[FIXED] Stability improvement in communication with channel managers. This refers to loading the categories for assigning the Lodgit Desk rental units with the channel manager categories.

Release notes for 1.18.11 (06/05/2018)

[NEW] In the interface "Locking systems > Salto" , you can now specify whether the short description or the long description of the rental units is to be transmitted as standard.

[CHANGED] When changing the booking note for bookings with the status Tentative, the prices were always loaded from price management, although no price-relevant booking information was changed.

Release notes for 1.18.9 and 1.18.10 (05/23/2018)

[NEW] New, predefined, intelligent group "Interested guests", which lists all guests who are not yet recipients of an invoice or a receipt, nor have been assigned to a booking as main guest or co-traveller.

[CHANGED] The default storage location when starting Lodgit Desk for the first time is now directly the user directory and no longer the document folder in the user directory. This should prevent the databases from accidentally ending up in the cloud (e.g. partially when updating to macOS High Sierra), which leads to enormous performance losses.

[CHANGED] The location for GoBD export, accounting export (Datev) and PDF document creation is now by default directly the user directory and no longer the documents folder in the user directory.

[CHANGED] The folder for ApplicationData (Mac: /Users/UserName/Library/Application Support /Lodgit; Win: \Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Lodgit) is no longer checked for the existence of a database when a database is created and opened during the start of Lodgit Desk.

[CHANGED] The country assignments predefined by AVS (AVS country ID to country ISO code) are now also taken into account for the Meldelcient AVS. A manual assignment is therefore not necessary for the country assignments that have already been preset.

[CHANGED] Changeover from http to https at IncomingSoft.

[FIXED] When sending registration form data to Feratel via the obsolete "Meldelcient" interface, the error "ImportPMS instead of municipality" occurred.

[FIXED] For the AVS reporting client, an error occurred during "Retrieve IDs".

Release notes for 1.18.8 (05/15/2018)

[NEW] Guest management: Data in user-defined fields can now be imported and exported.

[NEW] Red banner as a warning in the occupancy schedule if online bookings without rental unit exist. Bookings with the status "Canceled online booking" are ignored.

[NEW] Required interface change for the electronic registration form system "Feratel" to the new system version "Deskline" was implemented.

[NEW] Financial reports > Extra items: Here you can now generate reports according to the name from the extra item management or the adjusted name from the posting window.

[NEW] Cash documents are now also included in the list "Financial reports > Extra items".

[CHANGED] Optimization of the window for "Change invoice recipient".

[CHANGED] Extension of the options in the gear menu under "Booking window > Accommodation tax".

[CHANGED] Extension of the possibilities in the gear menu under "Booking window > Extra items".

[CHANGED] Correspondence -> Documents -> Reference/Display document info.

[CHANGED] Sorting of "custom" field types in guest management adapted.

[CHANGED] When tickets are sent to the support team, they are placed in the "Support" or "Support (en)" queue depending on their language.

[CHANGED] With the "Salto" locking system interface, the data for the coding station is now stored locally and no longer in the database.

[CHANGED] Searching in the booking list now combines search field and period.

[CHANGED] Addition of additional columns for the accounting export (DATEV).

[CHANGED] A number range can be used for selected "manual" registration forms.

[CHANGED] Windows > Booking Assistant > The automatic adjustment of arrival/departure if departure before arrival has been revised.

[CHANGED] Unified time of saving the Vectron settings. This is now generally done when closing the settings window.

[CHANGED] Text encoding for Vectron interface changed to "WindowsLatin1".

[CHANGED] The price assistant now ignores rental units with a base price of "per month/...", "per year/...", "all-inclusive/...".

[CHANGED] Settings for Cultuzz > connection now via https + port 443 + tls1.1

[CHANGED] Settings for MappingMaster > Connection now via https + port 8443 + tls1.1

[CHANGED] Settings for Dirs21 > Connection is now done with tls1.1

[CHANGED] Settings for Hotel Spider > Connection is now done with tls1.1

[CHANGED] Standard ConnectionType for SMTP is now TLSv1

[FIXED] Catch now occurs when an invalid date is transmitted during synchronization of Channelmanager Notifications.

[FIXED] Error during import into the guest administration if the column separator is present in column data.

[FIXED] In rare cases, an internal error occurred when changing the Channel Manager setting for catergories (checkbox).

[FIXED] Saved data for cross-object online booking system was not displayed.

[FIXED] The field for entering the G/L account number length was not visible in the accounting export (Datev).

[FIXED] An internal error occurred when activating the Vektron interface in the settings.

[FIXED] When receiving new online bookings, the settings (filters) of the booking list were no longer functional.

[FIXED] When receiving new online bookings, a display error may have occurred within the booking list.

[FIXED] When sending e-mails, self-defined currency codes were not displayed.

[FIXED] Display error when reducing the size of the main window.

[FIXED] "Jumping" of the booking in the booking plan after changes to the booking prices and subsequent postponement of the booking via the booking plan.

[FIXED] Under Windows the shortening of a billed booking via the booking window, at a change of month, did not work correctly.

[FIXED] Some country names had been displayed in the wrong language.

[FIXED] Last setting regarding the object was not remembered in the CheckOut list.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, an internal error occurred when moving extras and folders in the extra item administration.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, an internal error occurred when opening the "Financial Reports" window.

Release notes for 1.18.7 (01/04/2018)

[NEW] Added new guest property "Permission granted for advertising mailings". Setting is done via the guest administration.

[NEW] Added new "Intelligent Groups" in the guest management. These are called 'Permission "Advertising Mailing"' and 'Permission "Review Portal"'.

[FIXED] An error occurred when updating from older databases to the latest version, which prevented the update from being carried out.

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