Release Notes

The most important release notes regarding Lodgit Desk are listed below.

[FIXED] Error was fixed.
[CHANGED] An existing feature in the program was changed.
[NEW] A new feature in the program.

Version 2.1.6 (04/15/2019)

[NEW] New version (1.20) of the SALTO locking system interface implemented. This version contains the following new features:

  • Sending Mobile Keys
  • Extend keys
  • Disable lost keys
  • Processing of PMS additional authorizations up to no. 62 possible (previously max. no. 9)

[NEW] In the sales agent statistics, you can now also filter by "Created on date" of postings.

[NEW] Version of the interface to the POS system Gastware updated.

[CHANGED] Display of booking bars in booking plan improved. The automatically appended "..." for truncated texts were removed, so that now the entire width of the booking bar can be used to display the text.

[CHANGED] The values for "Occupancy" and "Free rental units" displayed in the sidebar of the main window are now only calculated when the search is initiated. This speeds up the search period entry for large databases under macOS considerably.

[FIXED] Opening the "Finances" list was sometimes very slow or not possible at all for very large databases.

[FIXED] Display error when moving the window splitter in the settings of the electronic message system Feratel.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances, the invoice window was displayed although there were no more items to be settled.

[FIXED] Windows: When changing the size of the page list or the booking list in the main window, the window menu bar disappeared.

[FIXED] macOS: If the invoice window was opened and then the booking window was closed with "CMD + W", an internal error occurs afterwards if an invoice is successfully created.

[FIXED] When creating dunning notices, the letterhead was tripled if several dunning notices were created at the same time and the option "Preprinted letterhead" was selected in the settings under Letter layout.

[FIXED] The booking list was initialized, even if it had the status "hidden" when the program was started.

[FIXED] Display of settings for the "SALTO locking systems" interface optimised for small screens.

Release Notes for 2.1.5 (01/17/2019)

[FIXED] For some customers using Lodgit Desk since version 1.8.8 or earlier, the error "Database malformed" was displayed in version 2.1.4 when creating quotations, confirmations, invoices and correction invoices. This created corresponding documents which did not contain any items.

Release Notes for 2.1.4 (01/15/2019)

[NEW] In addition to the navigation buttons for month and year there now is a today button below the reservation schedule.

[NEW] The positioning of the current day in the occupancy plan can now be set more individually by double-clicking or using the today button.

[CHANGED] The default folder for the database now is UserHome instead of UserHome/Documents.

[FIXED] The response of the Salto server (module "Hotel Locking Systems") could no longer be evaluated by Lodgit Desk.

[FIXED] When writing a locking system card via the "Salto" interface, an internal error always occurred.

[FIXED] The opening of the booking window works more smoothly.

[FIXED] When opening a booking by double-clicking this booking was occasionally moved unintentionally within the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] When opening the list "Lodging List" the wrong selection button was possibly active.

[FIXED] The tooltip in the reservation schedule may not have been displayed correctly in case of overlapping bookings.

[FIXED] The reservation schedule was extremely slow under Windows when scrolling the plan to the left and/or right.

[FIXED] When the confirmation was printed again, neither the recipient address nor the sender address was displayed or printed.

[FIXED] The letterhead or the margin from the text to the upper edge was too high or too large when printing the confirmation.

[FIXED] The option "Scale down when oversized" when printing documents with an image as letterhead did not work anymore.

[FIXED] Interface "POS systems" (Vectron POS system): When using the VGPMS financial path "VGPMS Card" in the Vectron POS, an internal error was generated in Lodgit Desk. Now the error message "There is currently no Card System in Lodgit Desk" is displayed correctly in the Vectron POS instead.

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