Release Notes

The most important release notes regarding Lodgit Desk are listed below.

[FIXED] Error was fixed.
[CHANGED] An existing feature in the program was changed.
[NEW] A new feature in the program.

Release Notes for 2.1.5 (01/17/2019)

[FIXED] For some customers using Lodgit Desk since version 1.8.8 or earlier, the error "Database malformed" was displayed in version 2.1.4 when creating quotations, confirmations, invoices and correction invoices. This created corresponding documents which did not contain any items.

Release Notes for 2.1.4 (01/15/2019)

[NEW] In addition to the navigation buttons for month and year there now is a today button below the reservation schedule.

[NEW] The positioning of the current day in the occupancy plan can now be set more individually by double-clicking or using the today button.

[CHANGED] The default folder for the database now is UserHome instead of UserHome/Documents.

[FIXED] The response of the Salto server (module "Hotel Locking Systems") could no longer be evaluated by Lodgit Desk.

[FIXED] When writing a locking system card via the "Salto" interface, an internal error always occurred.

[FIXED] The opening of the booking window works more smoothly.

[FIXED] When opening a booking by double-clicking this booking was occasionally moved unintentionally within the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] When opening the list "Lodging List" the wrong selection button was possibly active.

[FIXED] The tooltip in the reservation schedule may not have been displayed correctly in case of overlapping bookings.

[FIXED] The reservation schedule was extremely slow under Windows when scrolling the plan to the left and/or right.

[FIXED] When the confirmation was printed again, neither the recipient address nor the sender address was displayed or printed.

[FIXED] The letterhead or the margin from the text to the upper edge was too high or too large when printing the confirmation.

[FIXED] The option "Scale down when oversized" when printing documents with an image as letterhead did not work anymore.

[FIXED] Interface "POS systems" (Vectron POS system): When using the VGPMS financial path "VGPMS Card" in the Vectron POS, an internal error was generated in Lodgit Desk. Now the error message "There is currently no Card System in Lodgit Desk" is displayed correctly in the Vectron POS instead.

Release notes for 2.1.3 (11/14/2018)

[CHANGED] Sending e-mail "using default e-mail program " revised and new selection option for the delivery to the default e-mail program added.

[CHANGED] Preferences for sending emails using the default email program are now saved locally per user/computer and no longer in the database.

[FIXED] Under certain circumstances, the printing was enlarged when printing under Windows.

[FIXED] Windows: When sending mails via the standard e-mail program, some issues occurred (e.g. attachments with PDF were sent as winmail.dat, some recipient addresses were not found).

[FIXED] macOS: If the printout size was set to a value different from 100%, the first page was printed enlarged.

[FIXED] Letterhead images placed in the letter layout were shown blurred if they had a pixel density (dpi) greater than 72.

[FIXED] An error occurred when opening the "Birthday reminders" window when a "Limit to bookings within the period of" X months was set in the preferences for birthdays.

[FIXED] The transparency setting for bookings in the reservation schedule did not work correctly under Windows.

[FIXED] Windows: Bookings in status Offer with expired offers were no longer displayed correctly with higher transparency in the reservation schedule.

[FIXED] Lodgit Desk categories could sometimes not be assigned to a channel manager category (not selectable), although there were rooms to be synchronized with this category.

[FIXED] The transfer of extra items mapping for channel managers has been improved.

[FIXED] When activating the option "show only synchronized rentable units or their types" in the channel manager category assignment, an internal error occurred if the rental object was a multiple-object system.

[FIXED] When changing the dates in the guest administration, the booking window and other dialogs, delays occurred, so that a saving of the changed data might not be implemented.

[FIXED] Redundant context menu in the "Accounting export" window has been removed.

Release Notes for 2.1.2 (10/23/2018)

[CHANGED] Display date format for date input controls consistently with a four-digit year, not dependent on the settings of the operating system.

[FIXED] Draft printing was no longer possible. A valid invoice was created and the corresponding items were considered to have been invoiced.

[FIXED] Writing, reading and deleting of locking system cards via the Salto Locking System Interface created an internal error.

[FIXED] An internal error occurred while checking out Bookings with active Salto Locking System Interface.

[FIXED] Within Lodgit Desk it was displayed only partially that the payment export of an invoice via the interface "Kassa Austria RKSV" was successfully completed.

[FIXED] When opening the e-mail preferences an internal error occurred.

[FIXED] The deletion of items from the Review Manager error log list caused an internal error.

[FIXED] The deletion of items from the error log for the POS Systems module caused an internal error.

[FIXED] The deletion of items from the error log of the Channel Manager module led to an internal error.

[FIXED] When printing texts containing several characters of the type "TAB", only the first "TAB" was recognized and all other TAB characters were ignored.

[FIXED] When generating a PDF on MacOS, the letterhead image was either completely black or not displayed.

[FIXED] When generating a PDF with fonts in OpenType format (.otf), e.g. Apercu, Lodgit Desk quit immediately.

[FIXED] When printing documents on Windows, the letterhead image has been scaled down.

[FIXED] When printing through the preview window, the letterhead is removed if it has been set in the letter template that the letterhead is to be printed only on the first page.

Release Notes for 2.1.1 (10/16/2018)

[NEW] macOS: Switch to 64bit; Windows: still 32bit, on request 64bit possible

[NEW] Retina/HiDPI screen support for macOS and Windows

[NEW] Registration form system AVS: Transmission of nationality now also for accompanying guests

[NEW] Possibility of processing additional booking information when importing bookings via XML booking interface and synchronisation implemented

[NEW] Finance Window > Analysis by Rental Unit: Receipts are now also taken into account here

[NEW] Finance window > List: Display of the type of the document

[NEW] When creating a receipt, additional receipt information can now also be specified for transfers (bank to cash register, cash register to bank, private deposit, private withdrawal)

[NEW] Birthday reminder window: Presence of guests according to occupancy plan is now marked

[NEW] Created a setting that a guest only appears in the "Birthday reminder" window when he or she is checked in

[NEW] Display the creation date for invoices, correction invoices, and documents in the Correspondence window

[NEW] Main guests who have the property "Is guest himself" switched off can now optionally be displayed in the "Main window > Side bar > Guest list"

[NEW] The grouping by guest can be switched off for the "Main window > Side bar > Guest list" in the settings for the occupancy plan

[NEW] Feedback (as window) during successful import (manually via menu entry) of bookings via XML booking interface implemented

[NEW] Simple registration form > The fields for the number of guests are now prefilled according to the number of beds and child discounts

[NEW] Simple registration form: By holding down the ALT key and clicking on a checkmark, the checkmarks of all guests displayed in the list can now be removed

[NEW] In addition to the gross values, the net amounts are now also displayed in the "Overview" section of the booking window

[NEW] Extension of importable fields when importing guests

[CHANDED] Windows: Printing process improved: The font width for printing is now identical to the font width for PDF creation. Attention: a layout change is necessary!

[CHANGED] When resending e-mails with the setting "Send e-mail by SMPT", "Copy to me" can now also be activated via checkbox

[CHANGED] Outdated encryption methods SSLv2 and SSLv3 removed when sending emails via SMTP

[CHANGED] For macOS HighSierra and newer systems: Second tab bar is now permanently hidden

[CHANGED] Smaller interface adjustments in different windows

[CHANGED] Various textual changes

[CHANGED] The order of the selection entries in the filter for the temporal restriction of the booking list is unified

[CHANGED] Opening the object management by double-clicking on the rental unit column now works for the column "Number of beds" as well as for the column "Rental unit name"

[CHANGED] Windows: Sending emails via SMTP (standard email program without text restriction) improved

[CHANGED] Sending emails via SMTP improved

[CHANGED] Improved visibility of the banner "Assign booking"

[CHANDED] Improved communication with Lodgit servers (synchronization, license update, etc)

[CHANGED] Various improvements for processing booking information during import via synchronization or XML booking interface implemented

[CHANGED] The "Display XML Booking Interface > Object IDs" window now displays all objects and rental units regardless of their sync status

[CHANGED] If during the import of booking data via synchronization or via the XML booking interface guest data were transmitted which matched more than one guest in the guest administration, a new guest was always created. Now, the first guest who is applicable according to the guest administration is assigned.

[CHANGED] If during the import of booking data of the type Own booking guest data were transmitted via the synchronization, a new guest was always created, without checking whether this guest already exists in the guest administration. Now the first guest according to the guest administration is assigned.

[CHANGED] Evaluation Manager Tripadvisor removed. This is only supported for existing customers who already use it

[CHANGED] Financials Window > Evaluation by Rental Unit: Display of Invoice Items and Document Items Belonging to a Rental Object or Rental Unit Improved

[CHANGED] Tickets sent directly from Lodgit Desk to the Lodgit Ticket System now have a fixed priority

[CHANGED] Removed unused "Assignment" setting when sending tickets from Lodgit Desk to the Lodgit ticket system.

[CHANGED] Display and storage of booking notes revised

[CHANGED] Booking window > Services > Extra items > Right gear menu: Option "Resolve marked packages" is now grayed out, if no package is marked

[CHANGED] Booking window > Services > Extra items > Right gear menu: Option "Bundle marked extra items and packages" is now grayed out if neither packages nor extras are marked

[CHANGED] The "Occupied guest room days" button in the Accommodation statistics window now leads to the "Occupancy" tab in the "Occupancy and key figures" window

[FIXED] The self-defined notes and consents could not be removed from the registration form template "Germany" 

[FIXED] The activation of the interface to the Vectron POS system in the settings led to an internal error

[FIXED] The button to open the Vectron log in the settings was without function

[FIXED] Extra item import only worked for two or more extra items to be imported

[FIXED] Removed errors in the display of group assignments in the booking plan when selecting a booking and secondary selecting the corresponding group bookings

[FIXED] Menu items for the XML booking interface may have been visible and usable without a license

[FIXED] The payment method could no longer be changed for unpaid invoices exported by accounting export

[FIXED] Setting "Display payment type during transfer to/from financial account" for accounting export of category "Other (debit/credit)" was without function

[FIXED] In the settings for payment types, inactive payment types could be defined as standard payment types

[FIXED] When deleting CityTax definitions in the settings, the corresponding assignment in the object management is now removed as well

[FIXED] In very rare cases, an internal error occurred when changing bookings that were imported as online bookings via synchronization or the XML booking interface

[FIXED] The import of the exchange rates in the settings was no longer possible due to a change of the URL on the side of the external service provider

[FIXED] Guest administration > History > Accompanying guests: Display of the company name of the corresponding accompanying guest, if the corresponding accompanying guest was declared as company

[FIXED] Guest Administration > History > Letters: Updating the Guest History after Duplicating a Letter

[FIXED] Guest management: When moving several guests into a self-defined group only one guest was added at a time

[FIXED] Receipts window: Changing the offsetting account in the right list was not taken into account when creating the receipt. The original offsetting account was always saved.

[FIXED] Text management: Some values were not saved correctly

[FIXED] Under rare circumstances, an internal error occurred when opening the graphical evaluation (chart) of the Finances window

[FIXED] Main window > Booking list: The time filter had no function with the filter "Confirmations - Deadline expired"

[FIXED] When sending e-mails with PDF, the CC is not passed to the standard e-mail program

[FIXED] Setting > Bookings > Options > Overbooking: The setting for the status "Disabled" is not saved

[FIXED] Booking window > Services > CityTax: After adding a CityTax to the booking, the "Delete" button remained grayed out until the booking was saved

[FIXED] Windows > Occupancy plan > Context menu > Display > "Hide sidebar" and "Hide booking list": The first time you click on the menu item, it is not set to "Show sidebar" or "Show booking list". Same in reverse direction.

[FIXED] It is no longer possible to change the invoice recipient for invoices exported via the accounting export

[FIXED] When importing guests or extra items via the respective import window, the columns are not recognized correctly if a field separator appears in at least one field content

[FIXED] When importing guests, the character for line break "\n" was not correctly recognized and converted into a line break. Attention: Line breaks are removed in all fields except note fields when saving to the database

[FIXED] When importing guests or extra items, masked backslashes were not correctly recognized, resulting in misinterpretation, so that field separators and field contents were not correctly recognized

[FIXED] When exporting guests, the backslash is now also masked if it occurs as field content.

[FIXED] Via the menu item "Window > Close all open booking windows" or via the key combination CTRL+1 (Windows) / CMD+1 (macOS) only every second booking window was closed..

[FIXED] The release notes were no longer displayed

[FIXED] When changing the payment method of an invoice, the invoice was correctly blocked for other users so that they could not also process the corresponding invoice at the same time, but the blocking of this invoice was not correctly removed when the window was closed

[FIXED] Sending e-mails with PDF attachments via Outlook on macOS was not always possible. Added second variant for newer Outlook versions

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