Additional module: Review Portals

The additional module "Interface: Review Portals" allows you to automatically send guest information to a review portal so that they can remind the guest to leave a review about their stay at your accommodation.

This feature requires that the guests agree to have their data sent and that an email address is listed in the guest progile.


Permission of the guest

The guest has to agree to have their data sent to the review portals. This permission setting is done in the guest files:

Zustimmung zur Sendung von Gastdaten

Booking data is only sent to a review portal ifthe following criteria are ALL met:

  • At least one guest of the booking has given permission and listed an email address.
  • The booking has the status "Checked Out".
  • The booking's departure date is no less than 2 days in the past.


Settings for the Review Portals

Under Administration > Additionals Modules > Review Portals you'll find the settings. You can select a different review portal for each object in Lodgit Desk.

Einstellungen Bewertungsportale

1. In the left list, select the object and check the box Use review portal.

2. Then, select the review portal from the list and enter the house ID that you are listed with on the portal with.

Then you can check the box Automatically send data to the review portals. Once a day, this will send all bookings in the status "Checked Out" whose departure date is in the future or within the last two days.

The emails are supposed to be sent in a timely manner in regards to the stay. That's why the review portals only want to receive booking data for those bookings that have their departure date in a certain time frame (often only until the day before the send date). This means that some bookings may not be sent to the review portals if the status "Checked Out" is set too late.

You can also send the data manually through the Actions menu.



Buchungen Bewertungsportal Protokoll

This will list all the bookings with the status "Checked Out" that are in the specified time frame.

Expired bookings are too old to be sent to a review portal.

Sent bookings have already been sent to a review portal. Select the list entry and the "Details" window will list the data that was sent.

Open bookings have the status "Checked Out" and a departure date that theoretically allows for them to be sent to a review portal. It is still possible that none of the guests have email addresses listed or agreed to have their data sent to a review portal and so the booking cannot be sent! Select the list entry and look at the "Details" to see if the booking will be sent or not.


Sent data

All data that was sent will be listed here.


Error Log

If there are any issues with sending the data, they will be listed in this log.