Database server and "vanished" online bookings

When using the database server and a channel manager/online booking system simultaneously, it sometimes seems as if online bookings simply disappear, although Lodgit desk support ensures on request that they have been transmitted.

This may be because your online bookings are retrieved from different databases or because a computer in the network always switches to local mode because it is not currently connected to the CubeSQL server and then erroneously synchronizes with the local database in which the vanished bookings end up.

Therefore, please make sure that the synchronization is switched off in local mode for the work and test database of each computer on which Lodgit is to be used in parallel.

  1. In local mode (see screenshot 1, arrow: Reception (local)), first select the work database.
  2. Dann gehen Sie oben in der Menüleiste auf >Verwaltung >Synchronisation und Online-Module und entfernen ggf. das Häkchen bei >Diesen Rechner für die Synchronisation zulassen (s. Screenshot 2, Pfeil).
  3. Repeat the process for the test database, see screenshot 1.

You must disable synchronization in both databases in local mode on each computer on which you want to work in parallel with Lodgit Desk in the network.

Then switch to database server mode on at least one computer. You can also set this in all computers: To do this, go to>File (Mac) or>File (Win) on the top menu bar and then go to>Use Database Server. 
Then repeat step 2, but make sure to check>Allow this machine to synchronize (see screenshot 2, arrow).

Synchronization may only be activated for the working database in server mode!
If this is not saved, bookings can "disappear", since they end up in other databases by mistake.

You can quickly see that the computer is in server mode by the blue square icon to the left of the> working database. If the symbol is white/yellow, the computer is in local mode, see screenshot 3 and screenshot 1.