Release notes for 1.18.12 (07/02/2018)

[FIXED] Stability improvement in communication with channel managers. This refers to loading the categories for assigning the Lodgit Desk rental units with the channel manager categories.

Release notes for 1.18.11 (06/05/2018)

[NEW] In the interface "Locking systems > Salto" , you can now specify whether the short description or the long description of the rental units is to be transmitted as standard.

[CHANGED] When changing the booking note for bookings with the status Tentative, the prices were always loaded from price management, although no price-relevant booking information was changed.

Release notes for 1.18.9 and 1.18.10 (05/23/2018)

[NEW] New, predefined, intelligent group "Interested guests", which lists all guests who are not yet recipients of an invoice or a receipt, nor have been assigned to a booking as main guest or co-traveller.

[CHANGED] When manually reassigning the Lodgit Desk database folder, the user's home folder is now suggested by default.

[CHANGED] The location for GoBD export, accounting export (Datev) and PDF document creation is now by default directly the user directory and no longer the documents folder in the user directory.

[CHANGED] The folder for ApplicationData (Mac: /Users/UserName/Library/Application Support /Lodgit; Win: \Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Lodgit) is no longer checked for the existence of a database when a database is created and opened during the start of Lodgit Desk.

[CHANGED] The country assignments predefined by AVS (AVS country ID to country ISO code) are now also taken into account for the Meldelcient AVS. A manual assignment is therefore not necessary for the country assignments that have already been preset.

[CHANGED] Changeover from http to https at IncomingSoft.

[FIXED] When sending registration form data to Feratel via the obsolete "Meldelcient" interface, the error "ImportPMS instead of municipality" occurred.

[FIXED] For the AVS reporting client, an error occurred during "Retrieve IDs".

Release notes for 1.18.8 (05/15/2018)

[NEW] Guest management: Data in user-defined fields can now be imported and exported.

[NEW] Red banner as a warning in the occupancy schedule if online bookings without rental unit exist. Bookings with the status "Canceled online booking" are ignored.

[NEW] Required interface change for the electronic registration form system "Feratel" to the new system version "Deskline" was implemented.

[NEW] Financial reports > Extra items: Here you can now generate reports according to the name from the extra item management or the adjusted name from the posting window.

[NEW] Cash documents are now also included in the list "Financial reports > Extra items".

[CHANGED] Optimization of the window for "Change invoice recipient".

[CHANGED] Extension of the options in the gear menu under "Booking window > Accommodation tax".

[CHANGED] Extension of the possibilities in the gear menu under "Booking window > Extra items".

[CHANGED] Correspondence -> Documents -> Reference/Display document info.

[CHANGED] Sorting of "custom" field types in guest management adapted.

[CHANGED] When tickets are sent to the support team, they are placed in the "Support" or "Support (en)" queue depending on their language.

[CHANGED] With the "Salto" locking system interface, the data for the coding station is now stored locally and no longer in the database.

[CHANGED] Searching in the booking list now combines search field and period.

[CHANGED] Addition of additional columns for the accounting export (DATEV).

[CHANGED] A number range can be used for selected "manual" registration forms.

[CHANGED] Windows > Booking Assistant > The automatic adjustment of arrival/departure if departure before arrival has been revised.

[CHANGED] Unified time of saving the Vectron settings. This is now generally done when closing the settings window.

[CHANGED] Text encoding for Vectron interface changed to "WindowsLatin1".

[CHANGED] The price assistant now ignores rental units with a base price of "per month/...", "per year/...", "all-inclusive/...".

[CHANGED] Settings for Cultuzz > connection now via https + port 443 + tls1.1

[CHANGED] Settings for MappingMaster > Connection now via https + port 8443 + tls1.1

[CHANGED] Settings for Dirs21 > Connection is now done with tls1.1

[CHANGED] Settings for Hotel Spider > Connection is now done with tls1.1

[CHANGED] Standard ConnectionType for SMTP is now TLSv1

[FIXED] Catch now occurs when an invalid date is transmitted during synchronization of Channelmanager Notifications.

[FIXED] Error during import into the guest administration if the column separator is present in column data.

[FIXED] In rare cases, an internal error occurred when changing the Channel Manager setting for catergories (checkbox).

[FIXED] Saved data for cross-object online booking system was not displayed.

[FIXED] The field for entering the G/L account number length was not visible in the accounting export (Datev).

[FIXED] An internal error occurred when activating the Vektron interface in the settings.

[FIXED] When receiving new online bookings, the settings (filters) of the booking list were no longer functional.

[FIXED] When receiving new online bookings, a display error may have occurred within the booking list.

[FIXED] When sending e-mails, self-defined currency codes were not displayed.

[FIXED] Display error when reducing the size of the main window.

[FIXED] "Jumping" of the booking in the booking plan after changes to the booking prices and subsequent postponement of the booking via the booking plan.

[FIXED] Under Windows the shortening of a billed booking via the booking window, at a change of month, did not work correctly.

[FIXED] Some country names had been displayed in the wrong language.

[FIXED] Last setting regarding the object was not remembered in the CheckOut list.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, an internal error occurred when moving extras and folders in the extra item administration.

[FIXED] Under very rare circumstances, an internal error occurred when opening the "Financial Reports" window.

Release notes for 1.18.7 (01/04/2018)

[NEW] Added new guest property "Permission granted for advertising mailings". Setting is done via the guest administration.

[NEW] Added new "Intelligent Groups" in the guest management. These are called 'Permission "Advertising Mailing"' and 'Permission "Review Portal"'.

[FIXED] An error occurred when updating from older databases to the latest version, which prevented the update from being carried out.